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BB Banco Popular do Brasil S.A.

BB Banco Popular do Brasil S.A.
Name of the bank: Banco do Brasil SWIFT code: BRASBRRJSPO

Today, Banco do Brasil is the largest financial institution in the Country with 55 million clients and 15.1 thousand points of service in 3.1 thousand cities and 22 countries and it serves every segment of the financial market.
Throughout its 203 years of existence, the first bank to operate in the Country has collected stories of pioneer actions and leadership. It was the first one to go public; to launch multiple function cards; to offer mobile banking services; to commit to Corporate Agenda 21 and to adhere to the Equator Principles. Today, it is the leader in assets, total deposits, export exchange, asset management, loan portfolio, account
holders, distribution network in Brazil and more.

These conquests are
the result of investments in technology, the training of 82.7 thousand employees, its market segmentation strategy, specialized service and constant seas arch for efficiency. All this, together with the company’s tradition, has made Banco do Brasil an agile, modern and competitive organization with the capacity to serve the most diverse business
demands of the Country
Banco do Brasil is present in over 20 countries with branches and business units. In BB's branchesworldwide, you can purchase products and exclusive services such as financial transfers between countries.
In addition, each country which Banco do Brasil is presenthas a specific website with appropriate information for every public and needs. BB branches are always in strategic locations for easy access.
With more than 40 years performance abroad, BB has an extensive experience in global financial markets.
As a strategy to its further international expansion, BB began, in last years to acquire foreign banks.
BB has the largest distribution network of banking services in Brazil, with over four thousand branches in the country and a network correspondent banks. See our service network in Brazil.
It is also present in off-site enviroments, as phone and internet and in other devices (cellular phone, tablets, computer).
In addition to its network in Brazil, the bank has a banking services network around the world, in more than 20 countries. In Banco do Brasil branches in other countries, there are specific products and possibility to carry out financial transfers.