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United Kingdom SORT codes

You can find all United Kingdom Sort codes at

List of Main Sort codes GB Banks.

UK Clearing systems
BACS: Bulk electronic clearing
CHAPS Sterling: High value, same day sterling payment clearing
CHAPS Euro: High value, same day euro payment clearing
Cheque and Credit Clearing: Cheque clearing for Great Britain & Northern Ireland.
Each branch or bank office on the ISCD is identified by either a sorting code, BIC (bank identifier code) or both. Some branches have subbranches, also know as non-accounting branches. Subbranches have the same sorting code as the main bank office, but to uniquely identify them they have a two-digit suffix after the sorting code. The suffix is automatically allocated by Voca, and are numbered in sequence starting with 01 for the first subbranch. For example, sorting code 00-00-00 would represent the main bank office, and the first subbank office registered would have the suffix 01.
Clearing requirements
All bank offices participating in any of the following clearings must have a sorting code:

CHAPS Sterling

Every bank office with a sorting code does not necessarily participate in all these clearings, however, once a sorting code has been issued to a bank office, the same sorting code will be used in all of the clearings. All bank offices participating in the CHAPS Euro service must have a BIC , however not every bank office with a BIC necessarily participates in CHAPS Euro.
Sorting code and BIC allocation
Members have ranges of sorting codes that they can allocate to bank offices. BICS are allocated for international payment services over the SWIFT network. Each record on the ISCD has 82 fields. The 82 fields are grouped into "data groups" according to the clearing/use they relate to. The data groups that make up the 82 fields are:
General - General details about the bank office/branch
BACS - Details of the branch's participation in BACS clearing service
CHAPS Sterling - Details of the branch's participation in CHAPS Sterling clearing service
CHAPS Euro - Details of the branch's participation in CHAPS Euro clearing service
C&CCC - Details of the branch's participation in C&CCC clearing service
 Sort codes UK Banks

00 03 09 yorkshire bank sort code
05-06-42 sort code
05-08-87 yorkshire bank
080265 sort code
08-32-10 clydesdale
086133 sort code
08-90-76 bank
100001 sort code
11 07 13 halifax solihull
110044 halifax
110082 branch halifax
11-01-04 halifax
110226 halifax
110285 sort code
110400 sort code halifax ilford
110414 halifax address
110457 halifax for international payments
11-04-66 iban swift code
11-04-73 hanover square
11-05-28 sort code checker
110723 sort code
110836 sort code
110874 halifax
11-08-93 iban
110916 halifax
110942 sort code address
110944 sort code address
11-09-71 bank sort code
11-09-77 halifax address
110995 sort code
11-10-84 sortcode
111526 halifax
11-16 donegall square belfast ulster bank sort code
111601 halifax
12-11-05 sort code
142/6 high st chatham chelmsford legg st
16 darling street enniskillen omagh fermanagh bt74 7er
16-00-06 royal bank of scotland branch
16-16-23 sort code
162614 sort code
20 06 72 barclays
20 50 40 sort code
20 fenchurch street dresdner kleinwort limited
200262 which barclays branch
20-05-74 barclays
200672 barclays
200771 barclays bank uk address
20-12-21 barclays brentwood
20-12-21 sort code
20-19-95 barclays
20-20-27 sort code
202542 sort code
20-25-69 sort
202677 barclays swift
202680 sort code swift
202981 sort code
20-32-00 bank
203469 sort code thurrock
20-35-90 barclays
20-37-63 barclays bank
204273 barclays bank address
204744 barclay
20-50-40 barclays bank
20-50-40 sort code
205851 barclays
205872 faster payment
20-67-90 barclay bank
208053 sortkode
208078 spalding
208120 sortcode
208798 sort code barclays
20-94-48 westminster abbey
209779 barclays
20-98-75 barclays
209940 barclays sort code
23 brunswick place so15
23 camomile st london ec3a 5 aldermanbury square ec2v 7hr phone 20 32968000 london england
237540 iban
25 shepherds bush green bank swift id national westminister bank plc
30 65 62 lloyds
30-00-44 sort code
30-03-22 bank of cyprus swift code finsbury park
306438 sort code
30-66-76 what bank
30-84-23 sortcode address lloyds
308426 stafford
308446 sort code
309079 llyods
30-90-99 accounts
30-91-56 iban
309249 sort code
30-93-56 iban
30-93-60 sort code
309361 sort code
30-93-98 tsb iban
30-96-85 sort code check
30-97-07 lloyds tsb
30-97-78 poplar road
30-97-89 bic code
30-99-09 lloyds address
309931 sort code address
4 dale st hsbc
40 17 31 hsbc
40 22 72 hsbc sort code glastonbury
40 61 62 hsbc branch
40 71 37 hsbc
400202 hsbc swift code
40-04-09 swift code#
400523 hsbc sort code
40-06-30 bic code
400707 sort code bic code
40-07-28 accounts
40-07-28 hsbc account numbers
400730 hsbc
40-07-35 bic
401613equivalent hsbcbank sortcode
401858 bank sorting code
401938 hsbc
40-22-40 sort code
40-25-01 hsbc account number
40-26-07 sortcode branch
402808 swift code
40-37-20 swift
404124 link shildon
404416 bank sort code
404446 sort code
404517 hsbc bic
40-47-59 bic
40-47-59 bic code
40-47-60 bic code
405262 fortis bank
406162 sort code faster payments
40-63-01 iban
41 south gyle cresc. eh12 9bd
4th floor 2 atlantic quay 45 robertson street glasgow
53 61 43 natwest sort code finder
6 bishopsgate london ec2n 4da contact number
6/8 bishopsgate london ec2n 4da united kingdom
600430 sort code swift bic
600905 bank bic
60-12-01 bank
60-14-20 swift code
601539 swift code
602136 sort code
60-22-47 bic code
609528 sort code
62 30 87 sort code which bank
77 19 38 bank
77 58 01 sort code
770104 sort code
770502 lloyds tsb
77-05-04 lloyds
77-15-08 lloyds tsb
77-20-33 swift code and iban
772233 lloyds
772625 branch sort code
775016 iban
775901 leigh
79 66 national bank swift bsb codes
80-05-11 bos sort code and account number
80-08-33 address
800933 iban
801215 bank of scotland
80-16-84 bank address
80-46-92 sort code
804745 inverness
82-69-01 sortcode
83-17-26 is which banks sort code
832019 sort code
832318 edinburgh iban
83-61-sort code
83-91-25 glasgow
839130 sort code
845 7212212
90 06 60 permanent tsb
902055 iban
92 02 81 sort code
92 73 20 bank of ireland sort code
93 34 22 sort code
93 41 51 aib branch
93-03-50 aib
951721 northern bank uk sort code
98 00 03 ulster bank sort code
98-10-75 iban code
98-50-55 swift code
985750 bank country
99 07 19 sort code in ireland
abbeyleix co laois 10 ireland area code
about us hsbc private bank uk ltd
account number 78394615
account opening in isle of man
account sort code validation 1565
acronyms such as eff in first canadian international bank
adam bank aberdeen bic code
adam co bank uk bank iban
address and fax number of bank of ireland maynooth co kildare branch
address barclays 20 54 11
address for barclays branch sort code 20-71-64
address for barclays sort code 205331
address for fortis bank sa-nv
address for halifax 110454
address for halifax sort code 11-06-37
address for halifax sort code 11-08-06
address for sort code 20-25-25
address of barclays bank with sort code 203716
address of jp morgan europe ltd branch no 60-95-24
address of lloyds tsb bank plc sortcode 30-96-66
address sort code 80-47-55
addresses for naonwide sort codes
advantage blue international - student option
agency code of hsbc bank in milton keynes
ahli united bank cheque clearing system 2005
aib 52 upper baggot street dublin iban
aib 7/12 dame street dublin 2 bic
aib 930067 bank branch
aib 930350
aib 932086
aib bank account number how much wexford
aib bank balbriggan branch swift code
aib iban cahir
aib capel street iban
aib carrick on shannon iban
aib carrick on suir iban number
aib cashel main street iban
aib castle street tralee iban
aib celbridge iban number
aib coalisland iban number
aib crumlin cross iban
aib crumlin road iban
aib drumcondra swift code
aib finglas bank identifier code
aib gb south birmingham address
aib gorey iban number
aib gort iban
aib iban for doon branch
aib iban number 66 south mall
aib kenmare bic code
aib lucan iban
aib patrick st iban numbers
aib sort code 93 11 52
aib sort code carlow
aib upper baggot streeet iban number
airdrie savings bank sort code
airdrie savings bank sort codes
alamat royal bank of scotland head office armagh
allied irish abnk killaloe bic code
allied irish bank drogheda identification code
allied irish bank kenmare swift bic
allied irish bank monaghan iban number
allied irish bank sort code 931020
allied irish bank station square branch eaton road coventry bic
allied irish banks rutland hse 44 masons hill
alpha bank jersey ltd
altrincham 309016
anthos bank
anthos bank b
arab national bank check validity
arbuthnot latham & co iban number
are there sort codes in china
ashford high st chelmsford legg st osc 1 legg st essex cm1 1js phone 1245 704928 chelmsford england email
bacs details 11 02 76
bacs payment to sort code 986040
baden wurttembergische bank wire instructions
baden wurttembergische swift code
baird road middx
bala hsbc sort code
bamber bridge 010053
banca march sa 30 eastcheap
banca monte dei paschi di siena s.p.a. iban
banco march clearing code
band sort code 089081
bangkok bank public comapany limited iban number
bangor barclay bank swift code
bank 30-92-10
bank 40-37-36
bank 405265 iban
bank account modulus checker roi and uk
bank accounts in the united kingdom
bank address 40-43-11
bank address 60-20-44
bank address from sort code 200864 barclays
bank aib 933503
bank aib artane dublin 5 swift code
bank branch address code 30-98-77
bank branch sort code finder - 20-80-71
bank code 11-09-97
bank code 55 70 49
bank code 60-13-30
bank code 873433
bank code 93-43-05
bank code bangkok bank
bank codes 2306 uk
bank details for sort code 20-21-73
bank details for sort code no.309135
bank details sort code 772738 branch
bank hsbc address in united kingdom
bank hsbc sort code 402221 country england
bank iban no bank of ireland castletroy
bank iban number for 603021
bank in u.s.a that has settlement account with sort code-804512?
bank leumi sort code 30 14 95
bank mandiri europe limited
bank of america n.a. sort code
bank of baroda sort code 60-93-72
bank of baroda sort codes
bank of china glasgow iban
bank of china uk iban
bank of cyprus uk 300042 swift code
bank of east asia london iban
bank of england sort code
bank of ireland 30-18-07 bic
bank of ireland 900623
bank of ireland belfast sort codes
bank of ireland sligo sort code
bank of ireland sort 905002 omagh uk bank
bank of ireland sort code douglas
bank of irland starting card number sortcode
bank of montreal sort code
bank of scotland 110946
bank of scotland 122481
bank of scotland 800285 morningside road edinburgh
bank of scotland 80-45-37
bank of scotland 804713
bank of scotland 80-47-71
bank of scotland 804886
bank of scotland aberdeen iban
bank of scotland aberdeen union street 801208
bank of scotland branch code 800557 address
bank of scotland grp finance finance ettrick house 37 south gyle crescent edinburgh
bank of scotland iban 80-46-57
bank of scotland iban falkirk howgate
bank of scotland loanhead iban
bank of scotland morningside branch 800288
bank of scotland saltcoats swift code
bank of scotland selkirk sort code
bank of scotland shotts sort code
bank of scotland sort code 800271
bank of scotland sort code 800717
bank of scotland sort code 80-08-09
bank of scotland sort code 80-14-62
bank of scotland sort codes 11-09-41
bank of scotland stornoway iban
bank of scotland swift code dalkeith
bank of the philippine islands london branch
bank of the philippine islands partners in uk
bank of the philippine islands requirements in organization
bank of the united kingdom
bank payment methods riggs
bank saderat opt
bank sort code 010114
bank sort code 110731
bank sort code 11-08-14
bank sort code 122776
bank sort code 160083
bank sort code 202792 address
bank sort code 203009
bank sort code 30 96 17
bank sort code 30-90-57
bank sort code 402034
bank sort code 54 10 56
bank sort code 77-21-11
bank sort code 77-67-06
bank sort code 777417
bank sort code addresses
bank sort code checker
bank sort code finder 771712
bank sort code for lloyds ringwood hants
bank sort code lloyds tsb arnold
bank sort code uk 87-68-01
bank sort codes uk hsbc
bank sorting code iş bankası
bank up 300041 code
bank wire sort code chase
bankenclearing banca march
bankers trust international
bankers trust international london
bankers trust international plc
bankofirelandsortcodes athlone
barcalys bic 204141
barcays 20 43 04
barclay address 20 24 61
barclay bank uk basingstoke 203763
barclays 20 09 44
barclays 20 17 22 cambridge
barclays 20 24 64
barclays 20 83 69
barclays 20-04-96 basidon
barclays 200670
barclays 20-07-71
barclays 201113 swift
barclays 20-11-74 swift code
barclays 20-16-99
barclays 202037
barclays 202720
barclays 20-29-86
barclays 20-32-00
barclays 204747
barclays 20-48-46
barclays 204917
barclays 20-50-40
barclays 20-52-74 branch address
barclays 20-54-25
barclays 205425 address
barclays 205997
barclays 206934
barclays 20-71-06
barclays 207145
barclays 207217
barclays 20-72-91
barclays 207689
barclays 20-81-00
barclays 20-82-70 2012
barclays 209056
barclays 20-94-74 weston
barclays 209655
barclays 20-96-96 why leicester address
barclays 209760
barclays 209779
barclays 20-98-61
barclays address 20 33 70
barclays address 20-73-48
barclays address 209180
barclays albion road branch 20-48-46
barclays bank
barclays bank 20 14 34
barclays bank 200575 address
barclays bank 201071
barclays bank 202330
barclays bank 204908 iban
barclays bank 205458
barclays bank 205678
barclays bank 20-68-10
barclays bank 207015
barclays bank 207103
barclays bank 20-71-06
barclays bank 209069
barclays bank 209956
barclays bank address 202400
barclays bank address 202620
barclays bank address for 205333
barclays bank bierley hill iban
barclays bank code 20-11-43
barclays bank guildford friary branch sort code 20 35 35
barclays bank international routing code le87 2bb
barclays bank location of sort code 20 71 06
barclays bank lymington - iban
barclays bank plc
barclays bank plc 20-36-47
barclays bank plc 207093 equivalent codes 20-70-93 20 70 93 rayleigh leicestershire le87 2bb phone 845 7555555 leicester england
barclays bank plc newcastle city leicestershire le87 2bb iban
barclays bank plc sort code 204842
barclays bank plc southwark leiceister
barclays bank plc swift and sort code 20-07-82
barclays bank plc uk sort code
barclays bank rayleigh sort codes
barclays bank regent street sort code 20-71-64
barclays bank rg24 4jh
barclays bank sheffield city branch address 20-76-89
barclays bank sort code 200972
barclays bank sort code 201719
barclays bank sort code 20-33-70
barclays bank sort code 203907
barclays bank sort code 204735
barclays bank sort code 20-65-20
barclays bank sort code 206655 account number 00769746..
barclays bank sort code 20-92-55
barclays bank sort code checker birmingham
barclays bank sort codes
barclays bank southampton 20-79-29
barclays bank spalding sort code 20-80-78
barclays bank warrington swift
barclays banks in leeds 20-48-42
barclays bolton iban
barclays branch 20 33 51
barclays branch 20 71 64
barclays branch 204273
barclays branch 209260
barclays branch 209898
barclays branch locator sort code 203200
barclays branch numbers 207267
barclays branch sort code 20 62 69
barclays cambridge address 201719
barclays dudley sort code
barclays east dereham iban
barclays east essex 3
barclays euston road sort
barclays exeter branch swift code
barclays iban 20-71-64
barclays iban kettering sort code
barclays iso registrars
barclays notting hill gate iban
barclays private bank guernsey swift code
barclays sort code 20 17 20 20
barclays sort code 20 26 46
barclays sort code 20 49 29
barclays sort code 200326
barclays sort code 20-06-72
barclays sort code 201719
barclays sort code 20-17-20
barclays sort code 20-24-64
barclays sort code 20-26-20 didsbury add
barclays sort code 202963
barclays sort code 20-34-69
barclays sort code 203775
barclays sort code 205678
barclays sort code 20-58-17
barclays sort code 20-64-12
barclays sort code 20-67-59
barclays sort code 207135
barclays sort code 20-71-64
barclays sort code 208968 branches
barclays sort code southampton
barclays sortcode 20-53-04?
barclays st helens sort code
barclays uk sort code 201612
barclaysbank sorting code 20-92-54
barclaysbank swift code 207164
barklays branch 20-48-42
barkley bank sussex sort code
batley halifax bank sort code
batley halifax sort code
berapa sort code bank mandiri
bic 089029 lewisham london
bic 40-02-13
bic 938114
bic and iban for hsbc at marble arch branch 26 edgware road uk
bic code 404524
bic code aib bank 7 12 dame street dublin
bic code bank lloyd derby
bic code first trust aib
bic code for 089232
bic code for 165487
bic code for 54-41-37
bic code for halifax bank king street kilmarnock
bic code for hsbc 110 grey street
bic code for hsbc 40-02-40
bic code for hsbc 404317
bic code for lloyds waterlooville 30- 99-20
bic code for national westminster bank covent garden
bic code for the co-operative bank77/79 market place
bic code handelsbanken 405162
bic code lioyds bank high street colchester
bic code lloyds tsb canterbury
bic code royal bank of scotland vigin one account
bic cord for 57-00-45
bic for 98-51-45
bic for aib 93-34-14
bic for sort code 40-43-44
bic for sort code 601914
bic großbritannien 40-03-22
bic hsbc 400913
bic hsbc 401837
bic hsbc bank plc uk sort code 400301
bic hsbc south road sussex
bic kilburn payment clearing services po box 101 w.yorks. hx3 0ta halifax england
bic lloyds leytonstone
bic of hsbc with sort code 404758
bic rbs credit card services southend
bic royal bank of scotland 16 33 14
bic russell square wc1 1 woburn place russell square wc1h 0lq london england
bic sort code 20-99-21
bic sort code bank of scotland edinburgh
bic sort code halifax bank
bic swift code lloyds tsb bank plc 32 oxford street
birmingham university of - 40-11-57 university of birmingham
bishopstown tsb iban number
bnp account number sort code
bnp paribas out-of-hours press
bognor regis hsbc iban
boi birr bic code
bolton rcsc sort code natwest
bos brechin iban number
bos sort code 122029
branch 40-04-26 iban
branch 601021 bic code
branch account lloyds 30-99-14
branch address 20-76-89
branch address from sort code 200459
branch address from sort code 20-24-09
branch address sort code 161329
branch code 16-10-28
branch code of hsbc 31church st kidderminster worcestershire uk
branch for sort code 20-71-64
branch name allied irish bank liverpool swift code
branch name of hsbc bank sort code 40-01-25
branch sort code 16-00-19 iban
branch sort code 206155
branch sort code 30-99-51
branch sort code 601538 bic
branch sort code 602309
branch sort code 932248
branch sort code aberdeen 873410
branch sort code for h.s.b.c market place brigg north lincs
branches of national irish bank london
brierley hill high street 120 high street dy5 1sw sort code
britannia belfast sort code
british bank sort code 40-19-12
broadcastle investment bank
bromyard hsbc iban
brown shipley 60-01-68
brt 4pu]
bs99 1et natwest
butler place chelmsford legg st osc 1 legg street essex cm1 1js
c hoare & co international bank routing number
c. hoare and co swift code
ca premier banking ltd
can i open basic bank account with citibank uk
can isle of man sort codes accept bacs payments
canadian sort code format
capital one sort code england
carrigaline tsb iban number
cater allen iban
cater allen private bank
central cash payment clearing services po box 101 w.yorks. hx3 0ta halifax england
chaps 906515
chaps charge for leek united building society
chaps payments northrock
chaps sort code 57-14-40
chaps sort code lloyds 771726
charleville aib sort code
chartered bank ci
chase bank bank addresses and their sort code
chatten csc waterside court
check iban united kingdom
check number and bank code hsbc bridge street warrington
check sort code 80 24 62
cheetham leicester le87 2bb united kingdom
cho hung bank uk
citi international private bank sort code
citibank 18-50-08
citibank london 300045
citibank n.a. jersey ci address
citibank n.a. london branch code canada square
citybank 300045
clearing code 77-63-11
clearing codes for sumitomo mitsui banking corporation
cls bank international uk contact
cls-bank visitors address
clydesdal bank 82 64 21
clydesdale 826934
clydesdale bank 826408 swift
clydesdale bank 89 st vincent street iban code
clydesdale bank iban code
clydesdale bank leith sort code
clydesdale bank plc 826530 swift
clydesdale bank principal branch aberdeen
clydesdale bank routing number
clydesdale bank sth methven st routing code
clydesdale bank turriff sort code
clydesdale bank uk iban numbers
clydesdale bank university glasgow branch sort code
clydesdale bank west end branch aberdeen uk
clydsdale bank address 82-64-08
clyesdale bank 826421
co op bank cardiff wales uk iban and source code
co op bank sort code 1 balloon st manchester
code = digit character character e.g. 6aa
code iban barclays bank witham
code swift barclay bank a witham
codigo bic hsbc birmingham b17 9pn
colchester bede house 11 western boulevard le2 7ej phone 116 2521076 leicesterengland iban number
collection a/c credit card operations po box 5636
comhar linn credit union ltd postal code
commerzbank checksum number
common between royal bank of canada bnp paribas sa deutsche bank ag unicredit spa japan post bank co ltd barclays bank plc london uk jpmorgan chase bank national association
commonwealth bank of australia sort codes
companies ulster bank account number sort code
consolidated credits bank official web
contact information of credit du nord bank
conversbank uk limited
coop bank 089033
coop bank chesterfield sort code
co-op branch code 089286
coop crewe sort code
cooperative bank e 17 hig street swift code
cork bank of ireland account numbers and sort codes
cort code of barclays bank knightsbridge london
country bank code of derbyshire
country for the co-operative bank po box 48 1 balloon street manchester m60 1gp
coventry lloyds iban
credit agricole bank sort code
credit commercial de france
credit du nord
credit du nord bank code
credit du nord marseille centre sort code
credit suisse bank sort code
credit suisse uk ips
credit suisse uk limited address
crown agence bank london fax
crown agents bank sort code
croydon. telephone exchange rutland house
crumlin road aib iban
csc dept. 4356 6th floor 2 atlantic quay 45 robertson street g2 8ab
csfb guernsey swift
custom house waterfront east brierley hill west midlands
cyprus popular bank uk palmers green bic code
dao heng bank angel court london
decode iban
derbyshire sort codes
derbyshire sortcode
deutsche bank international ltd united kingdom
deutsche postbank ag london email
dexia private bank jersey limited
different of swift code and sort code for cimb
dnb bank sort code
dnb nor bank sort code
do banks in china have sort codes
do we use bank sort code in india
does ubs bank have sort code
dormancy and servicing team barclays bank plc leicester leicestershire - le87 2bb uk
dormant account scheme uk compensation
duncan lawrie iban number
ealing lloyds tsb opening times 309282
ec2 2bx
ecbs iban case sensitive
edgware 308476 ariel house 2138 coventry road sheldon b26 3jw phone 121 7411380 birmingham england
efg bank gibraltar accounts
efg eurobank ergasias ae bank code
email contact details for sort code 836612
equivalent iban bic sort code
eu regulation 2560/2001 on british banks join
fast payment time habib bank
faster payments hsbc uk
faster payments to sort code 16 50 50
fax number of ulster bank killybegs branch main street
fbn bank uk ltd 28 fins bury circus london ec2m 7dt. united kingdom.
felixstowe hsbc iban code
find 800514 in bank of scotland in scotland
find adam bank no 8 rubislaw terrace aberdeen
find barclays bank branch with sort code 204744
find bic code from sort code 77-71-45
find iban 77-62-13
find swift code for sort code 700225
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foreign operations
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habib-uk plc
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havin bank ltd
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hsbc - 401242
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hsbc plc
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hsbs curzon street sort code
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iban - lloyds tsb leadenhall street
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iban / national irish bank george st carrick on shannon co leitrim ireland
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iban ghana iso 13616
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iban haddington bank of scotland
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iban of lloyds fenchurch
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iban oversea-chinese banking
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iban prefix
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ifsc code of santander hanley
ikano bank gmbh iban deutschland svenska handelsbanken
images of 25 the north colonnade canary wharf london e14 5hs - uk
in at 401725 cheque
indian sort codes
indust bk of korea valid account
info hfc bank england
intercontinental bank london sort code
international code clydesdale bank
international house 3 harbourmaster place ifsc dublin 1 ireland and branch code
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irc code for hsbc 109 bath rd cheltenham
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is hsbc sort code 403102 personal or business?
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isle of man bank limited sort code
isle of man bank sort codes
isp code of punjab national bank
jersey branch po box 770 9 broad street. st helier jersey je4 8zg
jordan international bank plc mount street london united kingdom.
jpmorgan chase bank sort code 609242
jyske bank sort code
kbc uk sorting code
kookmin bank sort code
korea exchange bank server ip
l13 1nw abbey national wavertree technology park
l69 7bb
landesbank hessen-thueringen giroze
le87 2bb - 20-80-57
le872bb plaistow
leeds city credit union 089072
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lloyds uk
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lloydstsb wirral 301552
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llyods tsb 77-91-46
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location of lloyds tsb sort code 877905
lombard bank enfield phone
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lombard north central bank london
lombard ulster banking limited sort code
london blackfriarschatham customer service centre western avenue waterside chatham maritime kent me4 4rt phone 845 6014082 chathamengland
london scottish bank address
loyds tsb bolton sort code
loyllds tsg gorleston gt yarmouth swift code
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lyton tsb internet banking
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malayan banking berhad sort codes
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mayfair iban hsbc
mbna iban number
mega international bank sort code
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mercantile credit l69 8ej
middlesborough 777143 chelmsford legg st osc dept. 7143 1 legg street essex cm1 1js phone 1245 704928 chelmsfordengland swift code
middlesbrough hsbc bank sort code
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mile end branch clydesdale bank address aberdeen
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mizuho corporate bank sort codes
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n clearing royal bank of scotland london
names of browser banks uses il london
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national bank of abu dhabi iban
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nationsbank crt new broad street telephone
nationwide 07-02-46
nationwide bank nationwide house pipers way swindon sn38 1nw. united kingdom bank identifier code
nationwide building society sort code 07-00-55 swift code
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natwest 600239 iban
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natwest market place reading 60-21-51
natwest offshore limited st. helier
natwest sort code 504225
natwest sort code 600236
natwest sort code 60-11-30
natwest sort code 60-20-24
natwest south west retail customer service centre 740 waterside drive bs99 1et drive
natwest willesden green station pde enfield customer service centre po box 145 lee house baird house middlesex
natwestbank plc university union branch sort code 01-06-57
nedbank sort code
new zealand bank codes 06
nib bray sort code
nib sort codes
nordea bank sort code
north wales credit union sort code
northern bank bow street lisburn iban swift
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northern bank limited bt30 9ee united kingdom swift code
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northern rock iban codes numbers
notting hill gate enfield csc lee house baird road middlesex en1
nottingham clifton csc dept. 2216 2138 coventry road sheldon b26 3jw birmingham england.
numer iban lloyds tsb kettering
numerical list initial sort code digits list uk
nw drt bus bank wimbledon
nz sort codes bank 01
official sort code listing
offshore accounts unclaimed
opening times national irish bank blanchardstown
ormeau road branch first trsut sort code
p o box 17235 eh11 1yh phone 870 8500334 telephone number
p.o. box 788 25 new street st. helier c.i. je4 8ze
payments to northern bank credit card sort code
permanent tsb 74 main st tipperary iban code
permanent tsb 990647 equivalent codes 99-06-47 99 06 47 dunmore road dunmore road iban
permanent tsb 990703 iban
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permanent tsb liffey valley sort code
permanent tsb monaghan iban codes
permanent tsb sligo iban
permanent tsb sort code 990768
permanent tsb stephens green iban
permanent tsb swords iban
permanent tsb tallaght iban number
permanent tsb thurles swift
permanent tsb usa routing number
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permanent tst sort code 990658
permanentsb midleton sort code
phone number for barclays bank worcester england
phone number for capital bank bos direct weaver street chester ch1 2bq
phone number for sort code 559100
physical adrress of hsbc bank code 40 05 15
piraeus bank sa tower 42 25 old broad street london united kingdom ec2n 1hq
plaistow halifax iban
please confirm the bank name for sort code 121285
po box 1004 chester business park chester see
po box 114 london e1 8hl
po box 340 camden house east
po box 44 poole dorset bh15 1ya uk
po box 48 1 balloon street m60 1gp phone 845 7212212 manchesterengland
po box no 114 london e1 8hl
processing department lloyds tsb sort code 77
propagating a bank account for international money transfer
ptsb cobh iban number
ptsb naas iban
punjab national bank 609500
qatar national bank iban number
qualifications to join secure trust bank
rbs 161029
rbs account sort code in altrincham
rbs bank address sort code 16-14-70
rbs bank sort code 03 19 04
rbs basildon sort code
rbs branch 831825
rbs burnside branch sort code
rbs manchester change of sort code
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rbs sort code 16-29-33
rbs sort code droylsden manchester
rbs sort coderbs
rbsi custody bank limited
reflex account bank of scotland
reliance bank limited faith house 23 24 lovat lane london sort code
reliance bank limited united kingdom
reliance bank swift code
reliance bank uk swift
retail banking me44rt
romford hsbc iban code
routing code for alpha bank ae
routing number 82-69-32
routing number for baden-wurttembergische bank
routing number sort code for dbs
royal bank of canada bnp paribas sa deutsche bank ag unicredit spa japan post bank co ltd barclays bank plc london uk jpmorgan chase bank national association
royal bank of scotland – international bath street jersey je4 8yn
royal bank of scotland 16 34 27
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royal bank of scotland edinburgh 832142
royal bank of scotland filey street kingfisher house
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royal bank of scotland sort code 60-70-80 address
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royal bank of scotland talbot square blackpool iban and swift
royal bank of scotland western avenue waterside chatham maritime kent me4 4rtengland united kingdom
royal bank scotland
sainsburys csc dept 6000 teviot house
saltcoats bank of scotland iban and swift
sandbachcsc dept. 4807 2138 coventry rd sheldon b26 3jw birminghamengland
santander hinckley branch swift code
scbl 609104
scotland iban check digit
se1 2hb lloyds
search bank sort code 30 90 73
secure trust swift code
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sheffield yorkshire bank iban number
show sort code for citibank in dubai
societe generale sort code 2012
solrt code 110973
sort code - 309457
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sort code 01_06_05
sort code 01-02-77 swift code
sort code 07-02-46 branch name
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sort code 08-90-00 bic
sort code 089034
sort code 11 03 94
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sort code 110160
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sort code 110212
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sort code 110606
sort code 110638
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sort code 110841
sort code 11-08-92
sort code 11-08-96
sort code 110988
sort code 111324
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sort code 11-48-56
sort code 11-81-11 swift number
sort code 12-17-40
sort code 122029 chaps?
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sort code 165870
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sort code 202529
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sort code 20-41-12
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sort code 20-47-44
sort code 20-49-11
sort code 205478
sort code 206055 to swft code
sort code 20-66-11
sort code 20-67-40
sort code 20-74-05
sort code 20-81-20
sort code 208794 swift
sort code 209315 barclays bank london address
sort code 20-96-89
sort code 209790
sort code 20-98-75
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sort code 23 91 44
sort code 23-05-08
sort code 230514
sort code 232320
sort code 23-49-77
sort code 23-59-06 bank?
sort code 23-88-90
sort code 30 92 13
sort code 30 98 91
sort code 300066
sort code 301458
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sort code 30-14-83
sort code 301663 bic code
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sort code 30-64-72
sort code 308441 swift code
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sort code 309054
sort code 30-90-69
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sort code 30-91-94
sort code 30-92-77
sort code 309436
sort code 30-94-65
sort code 309508
sort code 30-98-41
sort code 30-98-67
sort code 309980
sort code 30-99-88
sort code 40 38 24
sort code 40 49 24
sort code 40-04-06
sort code 400526 swift
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sort code 400925
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sort code 404001 require swift code
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sort code 404107
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sort code 472205
sort code 51-50-14
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sort code 560035
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sort code 605000 covent garden
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sort code 609469
sort code 77-19-09
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sort code 777116
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sort code 804745
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sort code 804826
sort code 808388
sort code 82 21 28
sort code 826022 which bank?
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sort code 830223
sort code 831904
sort code 831908
sort code 86 36 00
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sort code 90-88-39
sort code 93 13 65
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sort code 932515 iban number
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sort code address 200450
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sort code aib 23-84-82 bic code
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sort code and address for standard chartered ci limited
sort code bank of ceylon branch
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sort code bank of scotland mount edinburgh
sort code banking 401318
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sort code bic 05-02-17
sort code branch 404157
sort code britannia
sort code check 30-99-47
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sort code checker
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sort code checker absa
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sort code checker uk
sort code chippenham halifax
sort code cooperative bank brighton
sort code finder hsbc burnley lancs
sort code first trust glengormley
sort code for 89 gray street broughty ferry dundee gb
sort code for atherton natwest bank
sort code for banco santander
sort code for bank of america lakenheath
sort code for brittania buildin society st vincent street
sort code for butterfields bank 99 gresham
sort code for co-operative bank greengate street staffor
sort code for donegal square north belfast
sort code for first active leopardstown
sort code for hartlepool lloyds tsb business
sort code for heathfield lloyds tsb
sort code for hsbc 35 middle road southampton
sort code for hsbc bootle 197 st
sort code for lloyds tsb 54 fawcett street sunderland uk
sort code for lloyds tsb carluke
sort code for lloyds tsb scotland dundee branch
sort code for lloyds tsb towcester branch
sort code for natwest hinckley branch
sort code for nib carrick on shannon
sort code for permanent tsb blanchestown
sort code for santander in loughborough
sort code greenside place edinburgh
sort code halifax denton
sort code halifax harlow
sort code halifax st helens
sort code handelsbanken
sort code hsbc
sort code hsbc bank basewater london
sort code hsbs 400856
sort code listing
sort code listing 90-49-74
sort code lloyd tsb 11-15 monument street london uk international services
sort code mizuho bank ltd.
sort code national bank of greece
sort code national bank of kuwait portman
sort code national westminter bank derby
sort code nordea
sort code of canara bank longbow house 14/20 chiswell street london
sort code of eurobank
sort code of national bank of kuwait in kuwait
sort code of royal bank of scotland near eh4 2da
sort code on a ulster bank card
sort code ranges
sort code santander totta
sort code search 951979
sort code swift iban 309845
sort code ubs account switzerland
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sort code yorkshire bank 40 church street blackburn
sort code ziraat
sort code-900164
sort codes different banks
sort codes for different german banks
sort codes glasgow rbs
sort nr. banco santander central hispano
sortcode 11-04-22 halifax
sortcode 300105
sortcode 405161
sortcode 600004 iban
sortcode 60-09-04
sortcode 90-21-27 swift
sortcode checker
sortcode for natwest llandeilo branch
sortcode halifax 110027
sortcode iban bic 08-60-20
sortcode location 11-04-30
sorting code 11-05-90
sorting code 80 06 74
sorting code banks canada
south region castletown im99
southall broadway iban number hsbc uk
southampton rbs / nat west call centre southampton brunswick gate address
spalding 309795
standard chartered bank 37 gracechurch street london ec3v 0bx swift
standard chartered jersey bic code
standard chartered private bank 27-28 clements lane ec4n 7ap london united kingdom.
standard chartered sort code 609199 swift code
standard chartered uk sort code
state street bank & trust co cust contact number
strand leicestershire le87 2bb
stronachs iban swift
sumitomo mitsui sort code
sun bank sort
sunderland centre hsbc sort code
sw1x 7nt 9044
swfit checker
swift 40-43-18
swift 720005 alliance &leicester
swift bank hsbc market place loughborough leicestershire uk
swift bank of scotland 12-22-41
swift barcggs1 and sort code 203532
swift bic code clydesdale bank 826408
swift bic hsbc 401225
swift bic/clearing code ulster bank bally ca
swift checker
swift code 110081 united kingdom
swift code and sort code difference
swift code barclays sheffield city leicester le87 2bb
swift code carmel house 49-63 fargate sheffield
swift code for 203532
swift code for 23-10-48
swift code for 401026
swift code for 60-01-01
swift code for 87-34-05
swift code for adib uk ltd
swift code for allied irish bank bridge street tullow
swift code for bank account 80-02-54
swift code for bank of ireland church square. monaghan
swift code for bank of ireland sort code 90-04-71
swift code for first direct bank
swift code for foleshill road branch lloyds bank
swift code for halifax bank in manchestre cheetham hill branch
swift code for hsbc 400311
swift code for hsbc bank 1 new market northumberland uk
swift code for hsbc bank nw3 1py
swift code for hsbc plc dewsbury west yorkshire uk
swift code for natwest st martins leicester
swift code for sort code 20-03-80
swift code for sort code 205132
swift code for sort code 30-92-87
swift code for sort code 93-33-92
swift code for unity trust bank
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swift code hsbc sunderland
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swift code hscb 404326
swift code icici bank uk eastham
swift code lloyds birmingham osc 4 ariel house 2138 coventry road sheldon b26 3jw
swift code lloyds tsb 30-90-28
swift code natwest bank pencoed
swift code of bank natwest 29 high street kent sort code 60-19-04
swift code of camden town hsbc uk
swift code of habibson bank
swift code of hsbc bank in ripon hg4 2bl
swift code of hsbc bank plc spinningfields
swift code of lloyds tsb private banking ltd mayfair 50-51 grosvenor st w1x 9fh phone 1444 459144 london england
swift code of lloyds tsb streatham london
swift code or iban for 60-05-11
swift code yorkshire bank po box 140 leeds
swift co-operative bank 089078
swift for state street sort code 165766
swift hsbc bank plc merit house hessle uk
swift hsbc blackpool england
swift hsbc oswestry
swift lloyds 30-93-76
swift lloyds tsb bank 30-94-90
swift yorkshire bank blackburn 050252
syndicate bank sort code? - ec3m 1lh
t.c ziraat bankasi london branch sort code
t.c. ziraat bankasi a.s
tc ziraat bankası sort kodu
team manager frl team bristol bs99 5bd
tesco finance 83-65-04
the bba s key roles is to
the cooperative bank bristol swift code
the co-operative bank swift code uk skelmersdale
the daiwa bank ltd london branch
the dormant account unit british bankers’ association pinners hall 105-108 old broad street london ec2n 1ex
the hongkong and shanghai banking sort code
the log files
the royal bank of scotland 1 corral road gibraltar
the royal bank of scotland plc operational finance p. o. box 700 central house otley road
the sort code of jordan international bank plc
the united kingdom
the united kingdom the initial
timor house 7/8 south avenue mariner court clydebank
tokai bank europe plc uk
tsb address 771209
tsb bank dungarvan iban
tsb bank six digit number
tsb blanchardstown shopping center sord code
tsb lloyds iban uk
tsb newbridge iban
tsb sort codes ireland
tsb tipperary town sort code
ubs chaps 23 23 23
ubs london sort code
uk bank routing 400731
uk bank sort code 205377
uk bank sort code no 05-00-22
uk bank sort codes list
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uk banks listing
uk hsbc 40-11-47
uk limited bank leumi
uk sort code 06 35 48
uk sort code checker
ulster bank / great victoria street / iban and bic codes
ulster bank 98 50 80 bic number
ulster bank 985385
ulster bank athenry bic
ulster bank belfast iban
ulster bank coleraine check code
ulster bank drogheda iban number
ulster bank eyre square branch code
ulster bank limerick iban number
ulster bank lisnaskea iban no
ulster bank mullingar iban no
ulster bank pearse road sligo iban bic
ulster bank sort code checker
ulster bank sort codes 98 15 63
ulster bank swift code for 980590 ulster dunmurry
ulster bank wicklow town sort code
ulster bank winthrop street sort code
ulsterbank bank sligo iban
ulsterbank bic code roscommon
unicredito italiano spa london
union bancaire sort code
union chartered trust bank
united kingdom banks
united kingdom financial service authority
united kingdom sort code
united kingdom sort codes
united national bank limited email address
unity trust bank other branch location
uob london account sort code
validate swift code united kingdom
vat citibank international plc autria branch
visa infinite 16 digit
visa infinite 16 digits
wachovia bank london sort code
walsall 28 the bridgecsc dept. 3101 2138 coventry rd sheldon b26 3jw
warrenpoint sort code ulster bank
watford leicesterscheire le87 2bb
weatherbys bank iban check
wells fargo bank sort code
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wells fargo sort code
what address is hsbc sort code 40-08-28
what bank account sort code st 110947
what bank has a sort code 80 22 60
what bank has sort code 08 32 00
what bank has sort code 11-04-65
what bank has sort code 60-95-34
what bank has sorting code 804835
what bank has the sort code 30-90-38
what bank has the sort code 54 41 26
what bank has this sort code 502116?
what bank sort code is 208120
what bank sort codes 11 37 09
what bank uses sort code 40-29-26
what barclays bank has the sort code 202794
what barclays branch has sort code 20 60 88
what branch does sort code 152025 relate too.
what branch of barclays does the sort code 202330 relate to
what halifax branch has sort code 11-06-36
what is a chase sort code
what is address of barclays bank sort code 20-22-68?
what is equivalent to 76/80
what is halifax sort code 110001 used for
what is iban number for lloyds tsb oldham
what is iban number or sort code for punjab national bank in uk
what is northern bank giro transaction code for belfast
what is sortcode and account number for dunfermline building society
what is sub sort code on cheque
what is the address of barclays bank sort code 20-93-15
what is the bank branch address for sort code 205776
what is the bank routing number for national westminister bank plc
what is the bic code for deutsche bank ag 231048
what is the bic code for hsbc victoria street grimsby uk
what is the bic code for sort code 122481
what is the bic code for ulster bank castlepollard
what is the branch address for sort code 110457
what is the branch address for sort code 20-54-58
what is the iban and swift codes for alliance&leicester bank
what is the iban for sort code 60-14-03
what is the iban for ulster bank in moira
what is the iban number for aib bank north main street
what is the iban number for bank of scotland lerwick
what is the location of barclays sort code 200277
what is the sort code for barclays branch onn 50 lord street liverpool
what is the swift code for sort code 30-99-97
what isp an iban number
what lloyd s bank has sort code 30-19-14
what lloyds branch is sort code 77-62-18?
what lloyds tsb branch has sort code 30-92-97?
what nat west bank has sort code 602245
what s the bank address for sort code 830500
what the address of the bank with the sort code 20 30 09
when was united dominions trust ltd. u.k. founded?
where can i find the check digits lloyds
where hsbc 400300 code
where is hsbc bank sort code 404445
where is number is 870-240-3355
where is phone number 870-240-3355
where to find my iban number for securetrust bank
where to get a list of bank sort code
which bank branch hsa the sort code 12-24-57
which bank does sa11 bank code refer to in iban for saudi banks
which bank has sort code 01-10
which bank in uk uses this sort code 98-53-30.
which bank is 204846
which bank is 87-68-01
which bank is sort code 60 prefix in uk
which bank sort code 403032
which bank sort code starts with 16-25-27
which bank uses sort code 11-07--99
which bank uses sort code 20 92 63
which bank uses sort code 77 121 02
which bank uses sort code 83-19-15
which bank uses sort code 93-85-21
which barclays branch has 202062 sort code
which branch is bank of scotland sort code 80 46 53?
which branch sort code is 073001
which halifax branch is sort code 110971
which is the branch number on arab national bank cheque
which lloyds tsb has sort code 772219
which lloydstsb has this sort code 77.21.03
who business is in ll59 5zd
wht my sort code pointing to lloyds tsb 1 legg street chelmsford essex cm1 1js
why does london barclays have leicester sort code
wie lautet der swift code zur bank mit sort code 205706?
wincanton hsbc swift code
woking 30-99-80
wrexham hsbc iban bank plc
yorkshire bank 05-02-46 swift
yorkshire bank 050353 yorkshire bank 050353 equivalent codes 05-03-53 05 03 53 burnley 25 manchester rd lancs. bb11 1hx phone 1282 435126 burnley england iban
yorkshire bank 05-04-04
yorkshire bank 050882
yorkshire bank address 050880
yorkshire bank darlington sort code
yorkshire bank driffield iban
yorkshire bank fargate sheffield sort code
yorkshire bank featherstone iban code
yorkshire bank hartlepool sort code
yorkshire bank horsforth iban number
yorkshire bank leeds ls1 3yy sort code
yorkshire bank sort code 050969
yorkshire bank sort codes list
your address in
zurich bank international iom
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